Minggu, 20 April 2008

Blogging Competition - 6 April up to 6 May

Anda ingin memenangkan sebuah Laptop ????

British Council mengadakan kompetisi lagi, simaklah berikut ini pengantar dari panitianya:

Blogging competition - 1st period April 15, 2008

Dear friends,

Some of you must have known that for the first period of the Blogging Competition we raise the issue on ICD (intercultural dialogue).

ICD is one of British Council’s three main work focuses beside Knowledge Economy and Climate Security.

Bloggers who participate in this competition should post entries which related to the ICD theme, those could be articles, comments on BC programmes, photos, or anything else. Don’t forget to add a specific tag ‘BC blog competition - ICD’ to your entries.

This first period competition is open for one whole month, 6 April to 6 May 2008; and the registration date is closed at 30 April 2008.

We encourage you to always visit British Council’s corporate website to get more information about our activities and programmes.

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Happy blogging!
-the bcnow60 team-