Senin, 23 Juni 2008


LIPPO BANK SCHOLARSHIP (Beasiswa LB) - 2008 Intake

PT Bank Lippo Tbk (“LB”), a major investee company of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Malaysia, believes in developing the human capital in the Republic of Indonesia. In this regard, LB is pleased to offer scholarships and financial assistance to deserving Indonesian students who intend to pursue their tertiary education at selected university in Indonesia.

Therefore, LB is inviting applications from high school graduates who would like to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree program majoring in Commerce, Finance, Economic, Accounting, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Law.

The scholarship grant will be based on the merits of the applicant, including academic grades and school extra-curricular activities. However, to provide opportunities to those who would otherwise have difficulties in financing their tertiary education, special consideration will be given to applications from students that come from a financially disadvantaged family.

Applicants to LB Scholarship must meet the following minimum requirements:
(i) Must be an Indonesian citizen;
(ii) Must complete the application form;
(iii) Grade Point Average for the National Examination Result and Average Point for High School Examination Result must be 8.00 or higher;
(iv) Must be able to demonstrate that they are from financially disadvantaged family by showing an official letter of poverty from the local authority and home electricity bill;
(v) Not presently receiving any other equivalent scholarship or award;
(vi) English proficiency;
(vii) Must comply with all rules and regulations imposed by LB in relation to the scholarship program;
(viii) Accepted applicants must be willing to participate in any LB programs and activities such as internship program at LB or any of its affiliated companies;
(ix) Scholarship recipients are prohibited from holding a job throughout the period of study.
(x) Must complete all documents as listed in the Further Requirements & Conditions. (CLICK FOR DETAILS)

The scholarship shall cover the following:
(i) Registration fees at the university at which the scholarship recipient is enrolled;
(ii) Tuition fee for the duration of study, not exceeding 4 (four) years or 8 (eight) academic semesters or less depending on the program selected. LB is not obligated to provide any further funding or other assistance should the scholarship recipient does not finish the course of study within the given time frame;
(iii) Living allowance to cover living expenses throughout the period of study;
(iv) Book allowance required for study;
(v) Internet allowance to access internet for study purpose;
(vi) A personal computer;
(vii) Research allowance required for final-year research study.

Scholarship funds shall be disbursed in the following arrangement:
(i) Tuition fee shall be paid directly to the respective university;
(ii) Others shall be disbursed directly to the scholarship recipient.

The disbursement of such scholarship funds shall be subject to the scholarship recipient being able to:
(i) maintain a satisfactory academic standing; and
(ii) fulfill all of required duties and responsibilities.

Save for the school holidays, scholarship recipients shall not take a break from any educational activities without obtaining prior written approval from LB.

(i) In the event that any of scholarship recipients decides to resign from the scholarship program, such scholarship recipient shall reimburse all of the funds spent and return all facilities provided during his/her participation to LB’s scholarship program, including but not limited to the personal computer;
(ii) Any violation for duties, responsibilities and any other requirements imposed by LB will be subject to a penalty to be determined by LB and/or termination of scholarship funding.

Throughout the period of study, the scholarship recipient must:
(i) be willing to comply with all rules and regulations established by LB as well as the university;
(ii) be willing to attend and participate in all LB scholarship gathering or activities;
(iii) participate in LB’s human capital development programs; and
(iv) report on the academic and non-academic progress to LB on a quarterly basis.

After graduation, the scholarship recipient shall join the LB Alumni Association and actively participate in its program and activities.

The scholarship program shall be terminated on the occurrence of one of the following:
(i) the scholarship recipient has completed the course of study;
(ii) the scholarship recipient withdraws or is not able to continue studying in the respective university;
(iii) the scholarship recipient violates or fails to fulfill any of the duties, responsibilities and requirements;
(iv) the scholarship recipient is unsuccessful to meet the required level of academic performance;
(v) the scholarship recipient is proven to have provided incorrect or misleading information in the application form or its supporting documents; or
(vi) the scholarship recipient is involved in any illegal activities.

(i) During the period of study, scholarship recipient must be willing to participate in the internship program at LB.
(ii) Upon completion of undergraduate program, scholarship recipients are obliged to work for LB and/or its affiliations for a period of 4 consecutive years subject to job’s availability at LB and/or its affiliations.

Application form can be obtained directly from LB Head Office (Corporate Secretary Group) at Menara Asia 15th Floor, Jl. Boulevard Diponegoro Kav.101, Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang or downloaded by clicking on here.

Interested applicants who meet the requirements must complete and return the application form together with the required supporting documents no later than June 27, 2008 at LB Head Office:

PT Bank Lippo Tbk
Head Office
Menara Asia 15th Floor
Jalan Raya Diponegoro 101
Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang 15810
Attention: Corporate Secretary

For further information about LB Scholarship please feel free to contact us at 021-5460555 Ext. 65067/59016.
LB will only consider completed application that fulfilled all requirements and will notify the short-listed applicants to attend the continuing stages of the selection process. LB will not return any application documents submitted to LB.

The decision to award the scholarship is subject to the sole discretion of LB and can not be appealed for reconsideration. LB reserves the right to change or cancel any of the aforementioned features or requirements of the LB Scholarship without prior notice and/or explanation. LB will only announce successful applicants in LB website.
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